The Camero Scope Automobile Industry Which Electric Vehicle Gets The Best Mileage Perfectly Explained | 2022-23

Which Electric Vehicle Gets The Best Mileage Perfectly Explained | 2022-23

Which Electric Vehicle Gets The Best Mileage

Rank Model Claimed Tested City FE Tested Highway FE
1 Maruti Grand Vitara/Toyota Hyryder (Strong Hybrid) Up to 27.97kmpl 25.45kmpl 21.97kmpl
2 Honda City Hybrid 26.5kmpl 20.15kmpl 23.38kmpl
3 Maruti Alto K10 Up to 24.90kmpl 16.56kmpl 22.97kmpl
4 Maruti Baleno (Petrol AMT) Up to 22.94kmpl NA NA
5 Kia Carens (Diesel MT) 21.3kmpl NA NA
6 Maruti Brezza (Petrol MT) 20.15kmpl NA NA
7 Toyota Innova Hycross Strong Hybrid) 21.1kmpl NA NA
8 Maruti XL6 (Petrol MT) Up to 20.97kmpl NA NA

Most Fuel Efficient Cars Of 2022

Strong-hybrid vehicles are currently the most fuel-efficient due to the gradual decline of diesel vehicles. Maruti continues to dominate the list, but we also see Honda, Kia, and Toyota make an appearance! Let’s take a look back at the most fuel-efficient vehicles that made their appearance in 2022 as the year comes to a close.

XL6 Maruti 8

Maruti XL6

With an improved version of its 1.5-liter mild-hybrid petrol engine, Maruti unveiled the redesigned XL6. Whether you choose the new 6-speed automatic or the 5-speed manual, it gives more than 20 kpl. The redesigned XL6 also received a few feature updates for a more premium experience, but just minor design changes.

Maruti recently debuted a CNG-powered version of the MPV, which is exclusively offered in Zeta trim. It states to have a 26.32km/kg efficiency. The XL6 is available for between Rs 11.29 and Rs 14.55 lakh.

Toyo Innova Hycross 7.

Toyota Innova Hycross

The new generation Hycross Innova has been unveiled by Toyota. It also boasts various first-in-segment features and is the first powerful hybrid MPV in India for its class. Although the automaker has not yet released its prices, we anticipate that they will begin at around Rs 20 lakh.

It has a 2-liter gasoline engine with the option of a robust hybrid powertrain. One of the most fuel-efficient MPVs, the petrol-hybrid combo cranks out 186PS and up to 206Nm and claims over 21.1kmpl. It is coupled with an e-CVT, just like other hybrid vehicles in India (basically a single-speed transmission).

Maruti Brezza No. 6

Maruti Brezza

This year, Maruti introduced the new Brezza, which no longer goes by the name “Vitara.” Like the XL6 and Ertiga, it received an upgraded version of the 103PS 1.5-litre mild-hybrid petrol engine. Both a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic transmission are included with the engine. The fuel efficiency of the automated versions is just slightly less than that of the manual versions, at 19.8 kmpl. Along with several new premium feature enhancements, the 2017 Brezza also received a revised exterior and interior design. Retail prices for the Maruti Brezza range from 7.99 to 13.96 lakh rupees.

Kia Carens 5.

Kia Carens

Early this year, Kia Carens was introduced as a more expensive alternative to the Maruti Ertiga/XL6 that was priced similarly to compact SUVs. It is one of the few diesel MPVs currently for sale and is the most cheap. The 115PS 1.5-liter gasoline and diesel engines, as well as the 140PS 1.4-liter turbo-petrol engine, are available in both the Carens and Seltos. Both of these engines have the option of an automatic transmission.

The most fuel-efficient of its diesel-manual combinations claims over 21kmpl. Additionally, the Carens has a diesel-auto combination that boasts 18.4 kmpl. The numbers for the gasoline versions range from 15.4 to 16.5 kmpl.

Maruti Baleno 4.

Maruti Baleno

This year, Maruti introduced the revamped Baleno, which has a number of new features and a modernised motor. The Baleno’s 90PS 1.2-litre DualJet petrol engine still provides 22.35kmpl and 22.94kmpl with its manual and AMT models, respectively, while lacking mild hybrid technology like its previous generation. Additionally, CNG models are available for purchase; they deliver 30.61 km/kg (claimed). The price range for Maruti’s top hatchback is between Rs. 6.49 lakh and Rs. 9.71 lakh.

3. Honda Alto K10
Maruti Alto K10

Without a hybrid powertrain, the Maruti Alto K10 is the most fuel-efficient automobile in India. The 1-liter Dual Jet petrol engine in Maruti’s entry-level hatchback generates 67PS and 89Nm. Both the manual and AMT versions, which promise to generate 24.39 kmpl and 24.90 kmpl, respectively, are very effective. The Alto K10 MT was able to attain 16.56 kmpl in the city and 22.97 kmpl on the highway during our fuel and road testing. It also comes in a CNG version with a 33.85 km/kg mileage. The price range for Maruti’s entry-level hatchback is Rs 3.99 lakh to Rs 5.95 lakh.

2. Honda City Hybrid, second

Honda City Hybrid

The Honda City Hybrid, with a stated fuel efficiency of 26.5kmpl, supports the second place. It uses a hybrid 1.5-liter engine with a combined output of 126 PS and 253 Nm. The City Hybrid uses its electric motor while travelling at lower RPMs, allowing it to run primarily on electricity in urban areas. In our lengthy road test, we were able to attain 20.15 kph in the city and 23.38 kph on the highway, giving you a practical driving range of more than 1000 km. The cost of the City hybrid is Rs 19.89 lakh.

1. Grand Vitara and Hyryder from Maruti and Toyota Urban Cruiser

Grand Vitara & Hyryder

The most fuel-efficient automobiles in India are the Grand Vitara and Toyota Hyryder. Although there are significant aesthetic and variation distinctions, both are essentially the same SUV on the outside. Two engines are available: a 1.5-liter petrol mild-hybrid and a 1.5-liter petrol strong-hybrid. The latter is the most effective, with about 28KMPL!

Additionally, we’ve tried the Grand Vitara, which is rated at 25.45 kph in the city and 21.97 kph on the highway. SUVs frequently use electric power in urban areas, which contributes to their great efficiency. On the highways, the petrol engine takes over as the RPM rises, lowering the number.

However, even the moderate hybrid versions of the Vitara and Hyryder make above 20 kpl claims, while the AWD MT version barely falls short.

Note: Depending on driving habits, environmental factors, and the state of the vehicle, fuel efficiency estimates may change. Please share your fuel efficiency in the comments if you are driving one of these cars.

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