Which Is The Best Sewing Machine?- 5 Best Sewing Machines Review

Sewing machines play a vital role in the lives of all the housewives, especially in India. When it comes to sewing machines, they are the best way to enjoy some time doing something creative and fun at home. If you are a hardcore Indian, you must have seen your mother or grandmother sewing clothes or making some creative designs at home. The demand for the sewing machines in India is high and you may feel little confused with all the impressive qualities available in the market. Then we question ourselves, What is the best sewing machine? To get rid of that confusion, we have shortlisted 5 sewing machines with their review.

5 Best Sewing Machines In India

Be it a hobby or need, you can buy fabric of own choice from the market and stitch the fabric in order to create a beautiful dress or suit. Even, men also love to get their clothes stitched at home. All the pretty ladies who have enough time to spend or have an interest for sewing clothes and doing something creative can rely on these machines and gain a huge number of advantages for sure.

1. Singer 4423 Heavy-Duty Electric Sewing Machine

Ratings – 4.5Stars, Warranty- 2years

Founded in 1851, Singer is one of the world’s leading sellers of consumer and artisan sewing machines, and one of the world’s most trusted and recognizable brands. 

The Heavy Duty 4423 sewing machine is an excellent choice specially designed for your heavy-duty projects. It has in-built powerful motor & high sewing speed, which help you to finish your project in less time.


  • It has a pressure foot pressure control system which allows you to sew light to heavy fabric with ease by adjusting the pressure foot pressure.
  • It has built-in needle threader which allows to thread easily without strain on the eye.
  • Provided the heavy motor, it can stitch up to 1,100 stitches per minute which saves your time.
  • The convenient drop-in bobbin is easy to insert and remove. The clear view cover makes it easy to monitor the bobbin thread supply.
  • It has a fully automatic one-step buttonhole.

2. Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

Ratings- 4Stars, Warranty- 2years

This Usha Zig Zag Sewing Machine creates wonderful, freehand embroidery designs which can make your design a masterpiece.

After putting forth Singer, we can’t forget Usha as they are great in the manufacturing of Zig-Zag electric sewing machine. Even, they have such great designs, you can get machines which are going to offer you simplified and basic working in a quick time.


  • Comes with a free arm for circular stitches as well as for automatic zig-zag sewing.
  • It has drop feed mechanism for embroidery work and effective stitches which can create wonderful masterpieces.
  • Triple strength of stitches due to effective and no spacing design.
  • It is a lightweight design to pick and you can easily store it easily on height.

3. Singer Simple 3223 85-Watt Automatic Sewing Machine (Pink)

Ratings- 4.5Stars, Warranty- 2years

Singer Simple 3223 R sewing machine is our next choice because of a perfect mixture of Looks and Features. Its elegant Color makes it different and more attractive from other Zigzag sewing machines. The Sewing Machine offers all the basic features you need to sew different sorts of sewing projects. 


  • Zigzag machine with the foot paddle to save time.
  • With quick and easy threading, you have to spend less time on stitching.
  • It comes with 10 built-in stitches in which four-step button is included.
  • The manufacturer offers two years of warranty from the date of purchase.

4. Computerized Brother Sewing Machine

Ratings- 4.5Stars, Warranty- 2years

It is a sewing machine with an advanced number of features in this list and it is computerized Brother Sewing Machine which is designed for professionals use, specially. It has all the basic features that you may expect from a very expensive product. It is also a quite expensive but if you look at features and working potential then you will be assured that it is way better and cheaper for all the included features in the small unit.


  • The machine is lightweight, weighs only 6.96 KG which is lesser than other machines.
  • Sturdy base with a great design to give an impressive performance during the use.
  • Reliable for long term use and it has more than 700 SPM speed for the perfect use.
  • The needle threader is built-in which can ease up for perfect use.

5. Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine

Ratings- 4.5Stars, Warranty- 2years

This is the automatic sewing machine is best for beginners who wants to design at their own comfort. Getting started with this sewing machine is easy. You can enjoy exploring the limits of your creativity with its 6 built-in stitch patterns: 4 basics, 1 decorative and 1 buttonhole.


  • It comes with 6 built-in stitches – straight, satin, zigzag, blind hem, scallop and 4-step buttonhole to make life comfortable for you.
  • It has a free arm, heavy-duty metal frame, snap-on pressure feet and extra high pressure foot lifter.
  • It comes with a heavy-duty metal frame.
  • It comes with LED lighting which illuminates the whole area while you start sewing.

Question Related to Best Sewing Machine in India in 2022

Which brand sewing machine is best?

USHA is well known brands in India which makes the best sewing machine often used in homes and commercially.

Which is the Best sewing machine for home use under 5000?

akiara Sewing Machine is one best sewing machine you can find for home use in India under 5000 INR

After watching and going through our top picks and their features, you can easily find the best one for you.

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